Pure hypocrisy at it’s finest that he campaigned all about staying out of war and how America needs…

Hard to take you seriously when you attack Trump for going to a golf resort when that is exactly one of the things Obama was famous for, playing Golf when big events were spinning. Of course Trump is just going home Obama was always playing golf at the resorts.

What do you have to say about the failures of Obama on foreign policy? Bush handed Obama a very peaceful Middle East and a relatively silent North Korea and Iran and Russia was even pretty silent.

After 8 years of Obama’s leadership the Middle East has exploded, Russia and Iran have way, way more world influence than they had before and if the reports are true about North Korea’s new weapons that means they were all developed while Obama was President and turning a blind eye to them too.

So let’s at least be fair, Obama either intentionally or by mistake let the world get pretty messed up and handed new power to Russia and Iran so was that good for the World? I do not believe it will be.

Remember, Obama drew his “red line” with Syria and then ran away from it and said ISIS was the “JV team” and nothing to be concerned about. Obama gave Iran an opening to step in and control Iraq and extend influence in 7 other Nations. Russia took over Crimea and made Obama look foolish on the World stage twice.

Now all this said I also agree that wars are bad, but at the same time we see how bad things get quickly when we stand back with our hands in our pockets. All of the massive refugee mess people talk about is on Obama, ISIS is on Obama, Russia and Iran getting bolder and more power is on Obama. China extending illegal power over new areas of the sea is on Obama.

My view is this, if we believe something like North Korea or Iran getting nukes is bad, then we should do something about it, if not then fine, let them do whatever they want and we go pure isolationist, but you can’t have it both ways. If we go isolationist as you seem to desire, you can never have a right to complain about any bad you see in the world.

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