Okay, what about those born before the vaccine claimed to cause autism (MMR) was developed…?
Sarah Balfour

Why should science waste any more time investigating the alleged link between MMR and autism when it’s been thoroughly debunked already…?

Has it been? Can you link the research that specifically addressed this idea?

And I was not saying only look at vaccines, you should really spend a little more energy on comprehension, I made two points. You completely ignored my first point that research should be done on causes, not just vaccines as possible causes.

For example, there are many places in the world where they do not give as many vaccines to children, do they have the same 1 in 68 autism rate as America does? That is a good start. Then a control group could be formed by giving our vaccines for free to those areas for a few years and see if the autism rate increases.

You also dodged my second point,m seems like you were more interested in attacking me instead of actually reading my post and responding in context.

Does it matter? Is the 1 in 68 percentage an acceptable loss?