Fox and GOP talking points.
David LeValley

Have not watched any FOX today but I did watch people like Chris Mathews, very Liberal Journalists, who were admitting that most of Comey’s commentary was good for Trump and bad for the Russian collusion story. Chris Mathews said himself that the entire Russia collusion story has now come apart.

Everything I posted is fact. If you would care to debate any specific point I am right here and ready to do so, but it seems very clear that those of you on the radical left know this crushed your agenda and so all you can offer is hate based personal attacks while dodging these painful facts, lol.

By the way, I was just watching a legal expert on I believe ABC earlier who said this is an interesting problem for Comey. If he really believed Trump was obstructing justice then by law he had to report it immediately. But Comey never reported it, he was even questioned about this law during the hearing and I did not understand the significance of it at the time, so we have one of two possibilities:

Either Comey never saw the request for leniency for Flynn as obstruction of justice at the time.

  • ***** or ******

Comey broke the law by not reporting the attempted obstruction when it happened.

And Comey admitting to being a leaker, now that is going to slowly sink in and slowly make people understand just how fishy comey really is. How many times has Comey leaked information to the press? He did it once then he most likely has done it many times before. People tend to do those things they are used to doing.

On top of that, under FBI policy and Record keeping act all product that results from meetings are the property of the Federal Government. So Comey did not leak his personal notes, he released official Federal Government documents.

Things are not looking good for Comedy or the Democrat allegations.

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