You people.are
Barbara Alexander

You people.are disgusting and provoke nothing more than shame from those of us with a heart and a conscience.

Having a heart does not mean you have to be gullible and turn a blind eye to tens of millions of leeches to society.

I feel bad that their home Nations refuse to improve life in their societies but America is not responsible for taking care of every poor person in the entire world.

Your belief that “Americans” made this a great country is testament to a level of ignorance which baffles the rational mind.

So educate me then, if no-t Americans, who was it that fought and bled to gain control over America? Who was it that passed our Constitution and build a system of Government and trade that allowed even the most poor to do fairly well? Who was it that designed, built, and operated the businesses and society that made America possible?

Individual Americans made America great, and yes, in the far distant past immigrants were needed to help populate America but today is not that time. Immigration laws adjust to meet our “NEEDS” not to meet the needs of other Countries to send us their poor.

Why people still want to come to the usa, particularly with the resident, putrid puppet in the oval office, is beyond my understanding.

Because America is great, all other Nations suck. Facts are facts, and America is great because we died and bled and fought hard to build America this great, it was no accident and every other Country in the world can be just as great if they are willing to do- the work like Americans did, but unfortunately other Countries are too lazy to do what Americans did.

Who can truthfully defend the.corruption in gov’t and business which is destroying the earth, poisoning water and food sources while waging an imperialistic war on the rest of the world?

Certainly not the illegal aliens who refuse to fight to end the much worse corruption in their home Nations, their solution was to run away and steal a new life from Americans.

You folks are amoral, blistering fools, who have forgotten that it was immigrants who actually did and still do the most important work in this country.

Cleaning toilets and picking fruit is not the most important work in America, they are leeches living in the shadows not paying taxes and sucking up welfare and food stamps and free Government housing they should not be entitled to.

The ages old immigrants were needed, they are long dead now and I do respect their contribution, but what does their hard work have to do with the current illegal aliens leeching off society contributing nothing?

We are ALL dispensable, breathing, bleeding machines for the oligarchy, citizens or immigrants.

Well we are all disposable to society, that much is true, we have 323 million people living in America, that is too many people to be overly concerned with specific individuals, this is why we have to have general laws and rules covering groups of people, not individuals.

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So what would I like to see immigration wise?

  1. A new guest worker system for immigrants to come here and live as long as they have a sponsor for certain fields of work. This will require the worker and any family they want to bring must pass background checks and have no serious crimes in their home Nation and not commit any Felony crime while in America.
  2. Send all Illegals who can’t be approved for guest worker status home but do not get in a hurry to do so, let the normal process work it’s way out as the new guest worker system take over jobs the illegals tend to have the illegals will be pressured to self-deport over time.
  3. Guest workers come out of the shadows, pay taxes, and must maintain current and verifiable addresses or lose their guest worker status and must wait at least 1 year before reapplying and repeated offenses will end their ability forever.
  4. Build the wall or staff the border with our military, after all, all Nations use their military to defend their borders, why not America? We should know who comes into America, period. And we should be able to deny entry to anyone not authorized, period.

What I mean when I say the guest workers need a sponsor is they have someone actually sign off saying they have a job and will be working and paying taxes while in America, not just sponging off society. This can be accomplished for jobs like picking fruit and vegetables by forming a co-op that services a series of farms on a cycle so they stay working but at different locations.

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