I, too, wondered about the ‘random’ selection of a non-caucasian.
Laura Troll

He was ordered to depart the plane, he refused, at that specific moment he was causing the problem. You can’t just refuse to get off.

When you buy tickets you agree to certain things like their right to cancel your flight and ticket at any time as well as their policy for random lottery for removal in cases like this.

We keep hearing that other races are breeding like crazy and White will soon be the minority so why do you believe it strange a random computer could pick a non-White on a plane? I have been flying for over 30+ years and I have been on flights where almost all the passengers were non-white.

In my time I have been kicked off flights two times, one time I got a free first class upgrade on the next flight on top of my payment so I was feeling better that time, lol. But at the end of the day nothing is solved by the passenger refusing to get off the plane.

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