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I have a question for both Weeks and Parker, two privileged white honky’s about their cute comments!

Honky? so you are a racist and a Bigot, good to know.

When did your ancestors come to this country and did they come here legally?

Depends how far you go back, I have a lot of native American ( Ottawa) in my blood as well as European, I even have Black in my ancestry so what ancestors do you wish to judge me by?

But I do have a set of husband and wife who come through and registered properly too. So what is your point? Have I asked for any naturally born Americans to be deported? anyone born here is an American, anyone who has snuck into the country like a thief is not, is it really that hard to understand the difference?

Be very careful with your answer about whether or not your ancestors came here legally!

All of my recent family are born natural American citizens and again I even have Native American heritage, so what is your point?

Don’t be shy about answering my questions, as you weren’t when making your jerk-off comments!

I have never dodged a single question in my life, I have no reason to hide, I have nothing to be scared of. All you have are personal attacks, that is how you dodge actual legitimate debate on all issues, you just toss enough personal attacks to get people to run away from the topic, well I do not run away, and I see you, like all other Liberals, refuse to actually address the law.

Facts not emotions Bosco.

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