Once again, Mr.

Once again, Mr. Weak, you miss the point.

How childish, misspell my name to attack me, grow up.

What does it not have to do with it?

Because race played no part in it, do you think that their race is why they were so horrible? Do you associate racial heritage to bad behaviors Ken?

He didn’t complain, apparently, about Jake Tapper, did he? Taper has been more critical of the preening buffoon’s people than the people Kushner called out.

That is certainly up to opinion, you are entitled to yours, Trump is entitled to his. I happen to agree with Trump, it is not about quantity, yes Taper does his best to shovel a lot of hate, but it is mostly weak and childish.

Hoping for Spicer’s job are you?

Another childish attack? Why are all Liberal so immature and filled with hate?

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