Louis without a transcript of the conversations we do not know what was talked about.
William H

How exactly does it “look bad”? A private Americans is talking to other private Americans about how to help FOP candidates with elections, how could anyone say that “looks bad”?

Now if he was meeting with Congressmen and working out some specific legislation or something now that I would say “may” look bad depending on the legislation in question but just having a tactical meeting on how to help fellow Republicans win elections? Hell no.

Others want to tap into the success of Trump so they are getting advise from some of those who helped Trump win, there is nothing suspicious or illegal about that.

What you on the radical left are doing is you are “ASSUMING” the worse possible motives and behaviors out of anyone connected to Trump. You do this because you are looking at everything with your hate tinted glasses.

I am an American, and in America we have a founding principle of the assumption of innocence. Until there is actual “EVIDENCE” of wrong, I will stick to the assumption of innocence. I will leave the assumption of guilt to you on the radical left who seem to hate every aspect of America anyway.

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