Perhaps your thinking is clouded because you project this onto others.

I’d suggest that before displaying your white-nationlist view ……..

How typically far left off you to call me a racist, name calling is the only weapon of the radical left and it is so nice to see you are exactly the same as every other far left radical, lol.

Invading a country is not the same thing as a speeding ticket and it is certainly not “life changing” this is why I used an example that was similar to an illegal alien stealing a new life they are not entitled to with criminal acts. You dodging this valid point is also typical far left behavior.

Many risk death for giving their kids something that just isn’t available where they’re coming from.

And why is that? America did not have out way of life either, until we built it. The American way of life was not an accident, Americans worked very hard, fought wars, lots of Americans died, all to build America into the success it is today. Every other Nation in the world can be just as prosperous if it’s people would just put in the work, but it is so much easier to run away from their Nation and steal a better life instead.

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