Yeah, but even if folks have some totally legit concerns re: “immigration”, you gotta admit that…
Mateo D

I admit he is not the smooth museum piece professional politician, but that is one of the main reasons Americans picked him, so we should not act shocked or outraged if he does not roll out his ideas with perfect grace.

But I prefer he act and do it less than perfectly than do nothing as Obama did. As I said in my post, what people should be pissed off about is the fact these facts of those 7 nations not participating with vetting and did not make a single move to try and do something to address these massive security problem.

Does that bother you at all?

I also have not seen any sign of unbound faith in Trump, they trust him in the main areas they voted for him on, to work on illegal immigration, work on unfair trade deals, improve the economy, and bring jobs back home and build more high paying jobs. If Trump sticks to those main 4 things and improves all of them Trump will win re-election easily.

Nobody really cares about any of the other stuff. He can be crazy and hard on the media and stuff and as long as he keeps those 4 main promises nobody will care.

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