One can contribute to a great evil without harboring evil in their hearts.
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One can contribute to a great evil without harboring evil in their hearts.

I agree completely with that statement, but just because you see potential of evil, that does not mean it exists, it is on you rot actually prove it exists in an honest debate and so far all you have offered is generalizations without substance.

Or vote for an unabashed scoundrel and con-artist who sings the siren song of poorly specified change.

Again with the name calling, Liberals just can’t help themselves can they? All of you are hard wired to spew vile vitriol at all who do not agree with you aren’t you?

Who says he is a scoundrel or a con-artist? Only those like you who hate his politics, so clearly what you say has no objectivity.

You talk about the national debt, but Trump’s tax plan has been projected to inflate that by over $10 trillion dollars by even the conservative-leaning Tax Policy Institute — far more than Clinton’s would have.

Clinton was adding $5 Trillion in new entitlements and spending but I will also point out that Hillary and Trump both have to first get things passed in Congress. I am not concerned with campaign promises, remember Obama promised early that we would save $2,500 a year on insurance premiums and did Obama keep that promise?

Trump would drastically improve out general Federal income by helping the economy, a better economy is moving more money and paying more taxes, simple fact.

As for your attitude that any drastic course change is better than none: we’ll see how you feel about that in two to four years’ time. Assuming that Trump manages to win the electoral college vote and not provoke nuclear war with China, of course.

I never said “any” drastic change is better, once again your Liberal hate forces you to insert evil intent into everything, but political outsiders bring a lot of needed pressures to existing political classes, I hope it will be the catalyst of change. If we do not get direct change with Trump there is still good chances that it can be enough just to let the two main parties understand the people are not happy with the status quo, and we all know Hillary Clinton was the very definition of the status quo.

Trump will win the electoral college, the alternative is another Civil War and the electors know it. You can’t subvert the will of most of the States and counties in America and expect them to just roll over and play dead, they won by the rules, if you now break those rules you have removed the reason for polite society to exist.

China? You have got to be kidding, Obama and Hillary have been directly trying to rekindle the cold war and possibly open war with Russia who is in a lot better shape to start that war than China.

You do know that China is the top supplier for most of the imports we get right? Do you really believe China will go back to squalor and financial ruin so easily? You guys don;t really think these things through do you, you just blurt out whatever seems emotionally satisfying don’t you?

I have a saying I have used for over 40+ years now and I think maybe you can benefit from reading it and giving it some deep thought:

If all you are looking for in life is the negative, you will always find it, even if it not really there. ~ Louis Weeks
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