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I always find it interesting how those who call themselves as “Progressives” tend to be the most resistant to progress.

A lot has changed from 1983 to today, most significantly are the social and medical advancements that drastically change the impact of this issue on society. Back in 1983, it was considered socially unaccepted to be a unmarried mother, today more than half of all children will be raised without their father in the home, unwed mothers are now the standard.

We have the day after pill that allows for protection even after an evening of “passion” that prevented rational and responsible protection from pregnancy.

We have seen cost and availability of reliable birth control drastically change, Wal-Mart sells the most popular birth control for $26 without insurance.

Did you know that most new doctors now decline to take the optional abortion classes? Attitudes and morals have drastically changed so the scope and reasons for abortions have also changed.

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