Oh, goody! Another Louis Weeks post!
Chris Cook

Can you ever have an opinion that does not include “liberals = bad?” Everything you write has this premise. You could be going on about ice cream and you’d find a way to blame liberals if it melted.

I am just responding to the stories and issues on hand, if you see a trend forming about how unfair and dishonest Liberals are shown to be in so many different ways then maybe some soul searching is called for.

Think about it…If your conservative ideals are so superior, why do you constantly have a need to use us as a focal point of comparison? I challenge you to write something of substance that does not slam us. And before you go all false equivalency fallacy on me and try to flip the script, most of what I write does not use conservatives as a focal point of comparisons. I might refer. But you are fixated and extremely limited.

All of these stories are filled with lies and distortions, look at this example, Trump never tried to “force” anyone to appear so why are all liberals pushing this narrative? Explain that, why push and gather around stories like this that are clearly lies?

I challenge you to challenge these lies and distortions, if all you are willing to do is defend these lies from party loyalty then you are in fact proving my point about Liberals for me.

And why did you feel the need to go after me as a person instead of addressing the valid point I made? This is systemic with Liberals, you simply can’t stay on topic, you must go after those who poke holes in your echo chambers on a personal level while ignoring the facts and valid points made against your stands and beliefs.

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