Understanding Very, Very Bad Fake News
Britton MDG

But the New York Times is not what Facebook and Google consider fake news, because the term here is used as more of a political put-down. The news might have a political slant, but it is still ultimately based on facts.

I am sorry but no, the New York times stories are not based on facts, this is the problem, all main news outlets are not longer based on facts, they are 100% editorialized stories, not fact reporting.

Consider when Comey testified under oath about a New York Times story he called out as completely false. When the Times was informed that one of their stories was false, did they pull it and print a retraction?


The Times said they contacted their sources again and they still support it so they will stand by their story as written.

Now under any reasonable measure, Comey, under oath would be far superior of a source than anyone the Times could talk to so when this more credible and more informed source tells them the story is wrong any “News Outlet” that is concerned with integrity would have pulled their story but instead they looked for an excuse, even a bad excuse, to leave it in play no matter if it was lies or not.

Every Liberal “news outlet” is not spamming stories and using any source, no matter how weak or unreliable, as justification to print negative stories against Trump. They do not care if they are true or not, as long as it is negative they will publish it.

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