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I am wondering what this kind of evil speculation piece does for the far left?

There is nothing factual in the attacks, making up sick fantasies about a guy you clearly hate may seem like fun but it is exactly this kind of exercise splattered all over the far left “news” sites that is causing so many normal Americans to reject you and your agenda.

This is mean spirited and says more about the writer and those supporting the writer than it does for Trump.

The reason normal Americans rejected Hillary and the left in general is because of this hostility, this need to attack and attack and attack anyone who does not conform to your political beliefs has turned people away from you, you have actually driven them into the arms of Trump.

You called Trump Hitler over a year ago, you played the most horrific attack card you had in your deck early and often but it did not work, people waved you off as crazy so do you think this kind of gentle attack (compared to calling Trump Hitler) is going to change the minds of those who rejected you?

Wallowing in hate is not going to fix anything, you need to begin transforming away from the name calling and start pushing a real positive agenda if you ever want normal Americans to see you as more than the radical drooling at the mouth hate machines you have become.

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