Louis: The information I referenced is from several online news accounts: Yahoo, Washington Post…
Mark Collier

Louis: The information I referenced is from several online news accounts: Yahoo, Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN, New York Times, etc. I know that sounds like many of the stories we read; “unnamed sources” — but its true, those are my sources. I don’t believe ALL of them report “fake news.”

I asked for a timeline, this way we can consider when Pence was told by Flynn he never spoke to Russia about sanctions, when Pence repeated this to the media, and when the report was given to Trump? The timeline would help define what happened and when.

Do you have that? I ask this because if Pence had already said what he said to the media before Trump knew, then not telling Pence is easier to understand.

…Pence not telling….” was a typo — I meant to type “Flynn would not take it upon himself….”

But you claimed as fact that Flynn promised to have all Obama sanctions removed, I asked you for a direct quote or hard evidence proving that and under what context the promise was made?

For example, if he promised to remove sanctions and Russia would leave Crimea I would consider that a great deal, if he promised to remove them with nothing in return then that would be horrible.

Specifics and details matter, I do not deal well with conjecture and unsupported claims because 99% of the time they reflect political biases. All of the sources you named in one degree or another supported the lie that Trump called all Mexicans racists but that is not what Trump actually said.

So do you have access to the actual transcripts of what was said? Or are you accepting conjecture from biased sources to form your opinions?

I understand your comment about “keeping a close circle” but would naturally think that the President and VP’s relationship would be like a mirror. If you (and possibly others) suspect that Trump does not trust even Pence….then where does that leave us?

You see, this kind of garbage from the far left really shocks me. Where did I say Trump did not trust Pence? You are making that up out of thin air. I specifically pointed to the staff being the most likely leakers, not the officials themselves and yet you leap to the idea I said Trump does not trust Pence?

Trump is Trump. Why you believe he has to conform you your ideas is beyond me. Trump was most likely reviewing his options, Pence was brought on to specifically deal with the Washington Bureaucracy that Trump had no experience with and so far he is doing a terrific job. I have seen no rifts or issues between them and do not believe there ever will be. Pence will help Trump where Trump needs help, support Trump where Trump needs support, and tackle those issues Trump needs him to handle, he is a great man and will be a great VP. I simply do not understand your need to try and belittle the man.

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