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The nation’s commitment to the principle that it’s more important to protect a free press than to punish the occasional harmful publication is, in Columbia Law School professor David Pozen’s words, “a matter of practice and norms” rather than statute or judicial precedent.

I believe the operable word is “ occasional”. As long as it is only happening now and then it is not big of a deal but to9day it is constant, we have an open door to every top secrete memo, conversation, or report being dumped into the lap of the media all for the specific purpose to serve the Democratic National Committee and hurt Donald Trump.

I would have fired Comey for the leaks alone, and I would be calling the acting head into my office and letting him know he has two weeks to plug his massive and gaping hole in the FBI or he goes too.

It is a Federal crime to leak this information, it is also a Federal crime to deal in illegal classified information and we can even make a very good case that these various Liberal Networks are benefitting financially in releasing classified information to get better ratings.

All of that said if we can get the leaks back down to “ occasional” then it is not a big deal, but right now it is out of control and something needs to be done.

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