You are not wrong but what you are forgetting is that Co2 build up will become a problem with more…
Jade Leigh Williams

I believe the perfect 100% failure rate of all the computer models to date prove that while Co2 may indeed be a factor, it is not the all powerful and singularly important aspect of global temperatures those making money and getting political power off it want to pretend.

The Earth has thousands of events, chemicals, and reactions that all compete against each other to produce our final climate results, I find it intellectually insulting to believe human beings can directly control the climate like a thermostat, just add or reduce Co2 to reach the desired climate.

For example. warmer temperatures mean more evaporation on the mostly water covered Earth, water vapor is a major element of warming according to NASA.

Another example is sun shining on trees does very little local warming, but sunlight on grass, or dirt, or much worse, concrete and blacktop, means a lot of local warming. So in my opinion I do not see Co2 to be as large of a contributing factor as the expansion of man in general or the loss of forests and other wild spaces.

At this point I believe it is pretty clear the Earth has always seen massive temperature changes, and now that we know the little ice age and the middle ages warming were both global events, not local as previously believed, our current changes seem more in line with steady movement of climate instead of the previous idea we have seen a more sudden set of changes.

Co2 at this point has seen massive increases from 30+ years ago when Al Gore warned that Florida would be under water by now and all the polar bears would be extinct. Co2 is in fact a greenhouse gas, but it seems to operate on diminishing rates of return that is common in many chemicals and everyday life. Consider a blanket on your bed. When it gets cold you add a blanket because that blanket helps you to retain heat you produce from your body. You can add more blankets to help increase that retained warmth but at some point you will reach a point where you have reached the maximum benefit from adding blankets and no matter how many blankets you add after that, you do not see any increased heat retention.

So I still see human expansion and deforestation as the biggest issue for the earth, but what can we do about that? Tear down the cities? Stop population growth by mandated sterilization measures and such? I would be curious to hear what sorts of measures you support?

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