Trump’s Lies Are Literally Tearing us Apart
Jackie Thornhill

I believe there are two issues at play, first of all as has been said many times before, the radical left takes Trump literally but not seriously while those who support Trump take him seriously but not literally. And let’s be honest, that is all a President really can do anyway, they try to push this great big ship in a general direction but really can’t so many specific things without Congress as we have seen with the dysfunctional Republicans and the crybaby Democrats who are incapable of getting anything done in Congress.

But the second issue is one that is in my opinion is the bigger issue. When the Democratic party controlled media decided to lie on Trump from the start, Trump I believe decided to play their game against them and just stir up all sorts of misrepresentations to strike back at them.

Shortly after Trump entered the race every major media outlet flat out lied on Trump when they claimed he called all Mexicans rapists. They took a comment out of context and edited it to push a lie. From that point the media has been constantly telling lies in one form or another all to openly try to hurt Trump. So Trump in my mind has decided to turn that tactic around on the media, use their own weapon against them and so far he has been very successful at it.

Lastly, let’s not pretend that other Presidents have not lied. The only reason Obamacare passed was because he lied to the American people that they would be allowed to keep doctors and insurance policies they liked. It was called the lie of the year, and it has hurt every American in one form or another. So all the little lies from Trump seem pretty insignificant compared to the massive and destructive lies told by other Presidents.

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