Hotels, plural
Shawn Schmid

I correct you on massive holes in your education on substance and lies you tell, if the best you can counter with is spelling issues then that shows just how pathetic the average Liberal really is.

If you think there’s no problem with Trump forcing all foreign dignitaries to stay in his hotel

I did not see anything in this story or others claiming Trump is “FORCING” people to stay in his Hotels, do you have a credible link to support that claim or did I just bust you in yet another lie?

Trump had 4 bankruptcies, 3 of those in the gaming industry where many other casinos have also had to do the same thing but Trump was not running those so it seems more of an industry issue, not something Trump failed at.

On the other hand, Trump has managed hundreds of companies over his lifetime, the 4 bankruptcies seem clearly to be the exception to the rules. And if we compare him to companies like GM, he has not taken anywhere near as many breaks as other Companies who are held in high esteem with democrats because they funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into their Democratic campaigns.

But what I do know is that Trump stands to make a lot more money by improving the economy than anyone else in Government. Most of his businesses cater to those with disposable income, if Americans as a whole start doing better, they will spend it on things like casino trips.

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