Wonder how you would have felt had the “randomly” selected passenger were a mother or a veteran.
Chris Snethen

I do not invest emotions to things like this, the only person I would show special treatment to would be someone going to get a transplant or some other emergency need to fly now and not wait for a later flight.

To me it is about facts, not emotions.

We agree to have our ticket canceled without notice at the time of the sale, they do not have to give us anything special for putting us off the flight, the fact they do means they are trying very hard to make things right.

I have been flying for over 30+ years, have lost a lot of luggage and had entire flights canceled and had weather delays that forced me to miss connecting flights etc. I do not take any of it personally. Sure it is a hassle but what does it solve to stomp my feet and have a meltdown on the plane?

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