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I do not see it as incoherent, at least not compared to the last 8 years.

Let’s remember Bush handed Obama a peaceful Middle East, a silent Russia, a mostly silent China, and a very reduced Terrorist activity over the Globe.

8 years of Obama created the largest refugee crisis we have ever seen, Obama backed regime change in Ukraine handing Russia Crimea and a chance to be a world power again, Obama said ISIS was the “JV team” and allowed them to grow into something causing more harm in the region than we have seen in generations. Obama allowed China to expand into waters they had no right to and even build new military “islands” in those waters.

Obama even joined up for regime change in Syria and demanded regime change in Syria, of course Russia out played Obama on Syria making Obama look very weak on the World stage.

Has Trump made some rookie mistakes? Of course he has, and nobody should have thought otherwise as a guy who has never been a career politician before. But is he as much of a disaster as Obama? So far no, but he is still at the start of his time in office, we will have to see how things work out.

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