What is the discussion at hand?
Sam Gallagher

What is the discussion at hand? My original question was what constitutes the Establishment Media Conspiracy and why the examples of it are always from the same sources.

I explained it to you and offered a valid and factual example, then you dodged saying well because “you” never watch the news an actual lie by the news is not relevant?

While we’re at it, why are the attacks always the same when it comes from sources that are obviously not out to get conservatives (such as The Economist)? I mind being disagreed with, but I dislike my opinions being ignored or caricatured.

So what is your point? That if they are all telling the same exact lie that the lie becomes true? You simply make no sense at all.

The Economist is based in London, it’s editorials are mostly free market Liberal along with most of it’s stories. In General the Elitists hate Trump, so the issuance of Trump negative stories from the Economist is not shocking, why do you find this so difficult to understand?

You actually have not made any actual point so far, but you have ignored and dismissed mine even though you admit it is true, lol, now that is magical thinking, lol.

As a conservative, I would hope that you have some sympathy for that.

I deal in facts and logic, not group think, that is a Liberal mindset. You want to claim things are valid just because a lot of media outlets are doing it? I have no sympathy for lazy minds, instead of relying on the Economist to tell you how to think, how about you figure it out for yourself?

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