I provide concrete examples of amendments made to address Republican concerns (elimination of the…

I provide concrete examples of amendments made to address Republican concerns (elimination of the public option and tightening of abortion restrictions) and you respond with a lie related to the distinct idea of single payer. This is just denial.

I fave you a Huffington post story proving it was Democrats who were killing single payer long before any Republicans were even involved and still you are stuck on your brainwashed lies?

Republicans did not get any significant amendments passed and had zero input in writing the original Bill.

The bill itself was public for many weeks before being voted on, months really. It was attacked so viciously because it was so transparent, because it was out there for all to see.

Political theater. It amounted to no changes to the Bill. Democrats wrote it completely behind closed doors and denied Republicans any significant amendment. And at the end of the day they used a little known back door trick to pass it because they lost Kennedy’s seat and could no longer ram it through in a normal vote.

The Republicans prepare to vote on a bill sometime in the next two weeks you still have not seen. You don’t even try to address that.

Exactly the same as Obamacare. They rammed it though even though most Americans did not want it. You want to talk about town halls? What we saw back then is 1 thousand times more than what we see today against Republicans but Democrats ignored the will of the people and passed it anyway, without any involvement or input from Republicans.

It is very clear that the Democrat only Bill failed and failed miserably, time to see what the Republicans can offer.

All Democrats will do is drag their feet and delay it, I see no reason to let them. Democrats are the party of “NO”, if that is all they have to offer why even waste time on them?

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