Can you pinpoint and clarify what about Obamacare caused the insurance provider you were so happily…

I had a family plan on the open market and it was Obamacare mandates that forced the policy I had for 7 years to no longer be available so I was then limited to what new plans, including all the high cots extras, to choose from and none of them offered even close to what I had prior to Obamacare.

Not one of them offered the OB/GYN we had so now I am paying out of network fees. I would estimate my out of pocket expenses healthcare because of Obamacare went up about 260% if you include paying more for medications and the out of network fees and chiropractic I have to pay cash for when I used to get it covered under my old policy.

All of my relatives have employer sponsored insurance and while the rates themselves only went up a little but for most, their deductibles weant way up and some changes to doctors and such happened. Some other benefits like drug coverages changed so pretty much everyone I know saw some increases caused by Obamacare.

We have to remember that under Obamacare, massive, extremely high cost mandated were forced onto all insurance policies and those insurance companies had to figure out how to pay for them.

For example, a very good friend of mine has a very successful son who is self-employed and chooses to not buy health insurance. Last year he got into a car accident and severely messed up his right leg and arm and needed corrective surgeries to both so he purchased insurance during open enrollment, got his surgeries and just stopped paying for the insurance when he finished his physical therapy. The Insurance company endured a massive cost with a tiny return from his payments. Someone has to cover those costs.

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