I do not address “alternative” facts, i.e.
Amber Lisa

I do not address “alternative” facts, i.e. lies. So no hate for Trump, as I have stated repeatedly.

I have a saying, “you can make your mouth say anything”. In this case yo-u can make your fingers type all day long that you do not hate Trump but your behaviors and vicious personal attacks on the man speak the truth of what is really in your heart.

Vegas actually has a running bet on how and when he’s going to fail. They’ve never done this for any other U.S. president. And you know what they say about Vegas…the house always wins.

And if you were smart enough about how betting actually works you would know those same bookies are taking in money from people betting “when” Trump fails, if Trump does not get impeached or quit the bookies keep all the money.

So the most money to be made is if all the betters are wrong, lol.

What did you do? read about this on some other radical left hate site and thought the betting “sounded” good to help feed your hate without truly understanding what it really means?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And why should anyone else’s opinion on the matter bother you?

Where did I ever said your hate based opinions bother me? again for the slow, all I am doing is pointing out how most of your commentary is not actually based in fact but is instead based on emotions, how you “feel” about Trump as a human being (Devil in this case, lol) and not based on anything substantial.

Yes, he has made a few mistakes, completely understandable for someone who have never been a professional politician. We did not elected a professional politician, we elected an outsider who we thought may do a better job with our failing economy and reinstate American laws on things like immigration that the previous Administration and Hillary flat refused to enforce.

Looking food professional politicians on both sides of the aisle got us to $20 trillion in debt and no possible way to pay it off and things like BAFTA and deregulation of banks that caused the banking/housing crisis and a huge number of other harmful things.

I did call Trump incompetent. Is that an attack?

Yes it is an attack, the question is if it is justified or not, at this point it is not justified, the man still does not have a working cabinet because of Democratic obstruction as was the intent. He is one man trying to fill in gaps of coverage a cabinet would be doing but he is denied that cabinet.

At least Republicans gave Obama a complete cabinet without any obstruction at all and when it was a 60 vote threshold.

Do you work for Trump? Ah, that explains it.

Childish typical Liberal attempt to try and paint anyone who does not agree with you as evil or corrupt, this is exactly the kind of tactic that has driven normal Americans away from you and into the arms of people like Trump.

If you’re a free thinker, who realizes what’s up in the world of politics, it’s just the truth.

And if you were a free thinker you would understand that it is the world of politics that is the problem. Hillary Clinton admitted to two sets of political beliefs, those they campaign on and those they really believe in. Professional politicians like Hillary and Obama play you for a fool, tell you sweet nothings to get you to vote for them then they screw you over.

An interesting fact, Blacks blindly supported Obama in both elections in an almost cult like way but in Obama’s 8 years nobody in America is worse off than Black people. Unemployment, poverty, crime, etc is all way higher for Blacks than any other metric in America. But rich White men benefitted the most.

There is this huge disconnect on the left. You claim to worry about poor people and women and such but your most powerful political representatives have been screwing these people over for 30+ years now and still you blindly report to the polls and vote for a professional Democrat because you are ordered to do so.

Hillary Clinton had Corporations, bankers, and wall street dumping tens of millions of dollars into her pockets, what exactly do you think they were buying?

Yes, Trump is very rough around the edges, he makes a lot of mistakes, but he is also working hard to try and do the things he promised to do. All those weekends everyone attacks him on are working weekends, every single day without stop he is working on America’s issues as he sees them. Can the man get any credit at all for working hard even if he is not perfect?

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In closing, consider this, now the two major parties know that Presidential seat does not belong to them, an outsider can come in and steal it away from the Elitists so if nothing else, Trump can be an element of change, and as we all know, all change has at least some pain. the question is, were you really that happy with the corporate Democrats running everything?

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