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If Medium is like other social media platforms, you wouldn’t be notified prior to banning. You’d simply try to log in and find your account locked.

I have been part of many forums, even was a moderator for a few, usually a ban does not come out of nowhere, you usually will get some sort of warning, maybe a link to forum policies and informing people of their need to follow the rules. An “insta ban” is usually very rare, but not unheard of on these more Liberal boards.

But, if you really did make numerous reports if they saw anything wrong with what you reported I would have been contacted or banned by now, lol.

You don’t seem to understand what a troll is. As an editor, I typically advise against using words one fails to comprehend.

One of the characteristics of an internet Troll is harassment, you are spamming lots of nasty attacks on me so that makes you a troll. Why are you obsessed with me? You make whatever point you felt you needed to make and yet you keep coming back to attack me over and over again …. why?

I’ll keep reporting you as long as you keep posting blatant bigotry. Deal with it.

Nothing I said was bigoted, you just claimed you should not use words you do not understand and clearly you have no clue what Bigotry means, if you think me stating a scientific fact is bigotry, lol.

Keep on playing the troll, you are hardly the first troll I have ever had to deal with over the years.