CNN Fake News Addiction 🇷🇺 Intervention Edition!
Daniel Reagan Diggins

I have felt the shift in momentum against the already hated mainstream news once the Comey revelation came out proving Trump was always telling the truth that he was never under investigation for the Russia mess. This is an important fact because all those Networks have been pushing this narrative for many months and we find out that it was all fake news.

All the big names in news, every single one of them were exposed as pushing partisan, fake news stories for pure political reasons.

The wheels are starting to come off, Comey specifically called out the New York Times for fake news stories and said many others are the same, reporting information that is simply not true.

As the public digests this new reality the media will be in an even worse place than they are now. This is called the little boy who cried wolf effect. The media has been spamming lies for so long that even if they do find something real to report, nobody will believe them at this point.

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