Louis: here’s the real question: AFTER Trump learned that Flynn had lied — why didn’t he tell Pence…
Mark Collier

Louis: here’s the real question: AFTER Trump learned that Flynn had lied — why didn’t he tell Pence — why did Trump keep it from him for 9 days and let Pence go on national news and “repeat” the lies to the American people?//

I have not seen an accurate timeline yet, to the best of my knowledge Pence was saying that after Flynn assured Pence there were no discussions but before Trump knew. If you have a better timeline from a reputable source please provide it.

As to why Trump would not tell Pence, I believe Trump was considering options for a replacement and being as there are so many leaks going on he was most likely trying to keep the circle as small as possible until he had some people lined up to replace Flynn, that would be my guess.

Not that Pence would have leaked it, but leaks usually come from staff around officials, not the officials themselves. The more people you tell the higher the possibility leaks will happen.

I doubt seriously that Pence would take it upon himself to even make the call to the Russian Ambassador and nearly promise that Obama’s sanctions would be lifted by Trump, once in office. How would have Flynn come up with that line if someone (most likely Trump) had not told him to say that when he made the call?

Not sure why you mention Pence in connection with calling Russia….. but also to my knowledge they say Flynn discussed the sanctions, but I have not seen anyone (credible) claim he promised all sanctions would be lifted or under what cost, do you have a copy of the call transcripts I can view to see if that is what was said?

As far as I can see, a lot of people are making up out of thin air what they think was said, bit no actual facts have been released yet.

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