I often liken partisan politics to a sports team fandom with the following example (disclaimer: I’m…
Liviana (Giovanna Laine)

I have to say you have an excellent mind and understanding of the political flow over time, I have rarely met someone who understands this level of detail (without bullsh!t mixed in) in my life and this is the first time I met one on a Democratic party propaganda site, nice to meet you.

I agree with your “my team” analogy and was actually going to offer a similar point myself but thought it too simplistic, most people reject simple answers but I tend to prefer them, humans do not need complexity and I have found they would rather hold to one point with a deathgrip and ignore all other things. The Democratic party is their home and they will defend it at all costs but I still do not understand it to the point of why they ignore all the corruption. I would think they would still want to speak out against people like Hillary Clinton who is the most corrupt professional politician to ruin for the Presidency, even the Dallas Cowboys fans complained about players like Brad Johnson and Babe Laufenberg. People still want their team to “WIN” so why are those on the Left not being vocal about their bad players?

This stinks more to me of brainwashing, they simply no longer possess the capacity to think for themselves, and that is why I five them a hard time and call them out on so many topics and try to force them to at least see the hypocrisy and see the lies even if they will not admit to- it talking to me.

No perfect system exists, but what we have now is ridiculous.

Paper ballots can be changed, swapped out for a container holding the prepared ballots, this has been done from the start of voting so no reason to believe it can change now, and don;t forget, establishment Republicans hated Trump as much as Liberals did so do you really believe just having one person from each party guaranteed no chance of meddling with the votes?

I know technology is scary sometimes but at some point we have to embrace modern technology and take steps to ensure we do it right. This is why I prefer private banks doing it because they have the chance of being sued billions of dollars if they meddle, if a Government agency ran it, you can be sure nobody is accountable and everyone would be selling off access. I simply do not trust Government workers, look at all the mess they made of the Obamacare server. We spent more on the Obamacare server than Amazon spent on their servers. That is pathetic.

So if we accept the idea that at some point all voting will become digital (already digital in many areas) then it makes sense to try and figure out the best way to make it digital. these voting machines do not seem trustworthy to me, too much power in just a few hands and less ability for checks and balances.

But we will have to wait and see I suppose, I have a feeling things will get much worse before they get better.

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