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I just do not see why the writer had to try and figure out a way to insert race into an otherwise intelligently and well researched piece? The writer lays out many logical and well thought out explanations why these two examples are different based on so many levels not the least of them being that in Parker’s case, his alleged victim killed herself.

All of the writers points show a clear and well defined connection to the actual case other than the racism point that there is no evidence or reason to consider outside of pushing a political agenda. If the writer had just left it as a footnote maybe it would not have dragged this otherwise wonderful piece into the realm of political agenda driven trash.

Normal Americans are sick and tired of these obvious political motivations, the more you try to insert these agendas the more you will drive normal Americans away from you.

Jessica Goldstein, I see true gift in your writing, you have done yourself a true disservice by inserting that obvious false narrative.

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