I know of no one who consider/s/ed Obama “God,” or god, or The Word or the word.

I just went back to the one I remembered first, Googled the quote and posted it, but Obama’s dependence on his teleprompter was so widely known there was a long list of political cartoons and endless numbers of times Obama messed up when he did not have it.

Obama Supporters, and for that matter Hillary Voters were truly fanatical as a general rule, there is more of a loyalty and even a worship of your political leaders.

Sure you can find 1 or 2 wackos on the Right who may worship someone on the Right too, I agree with that, but it is more rare while you see it all the time with Liberals.

Do you remember all the people passing out at Obama events? All the people saying how all their problems were now over with Obama?

Conservatives are way more practical and less emotional, we may have voted for Trump but nobody really thinks he is awesome or great, he is just better than the alternative. Just the kinds of Supreme Court picks he will make will be way better than anyone Hillary would have picked.

Enforcing immigration laws, work on unfair trade deals maybe? Even if he passes almost nothing it will still be way better than all the stuff Hillary would have passed. So as a matter of rational thought, Conservatives voted for the only choice that would not gut America.

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