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I kept warning my friends on the far left who were applauding the Way Obama was going around Congress and rewriting rules out of thin air that where one excess begins, another must follow.

Obama had a temper tantrum when his own Democrats shot down his cap-and-tax bill when economists exposed the fact it could make heating fuels skyrocket as much as 400%. This would mean dead poor people in the north so Democrats ran from the Bill like there behinds were on fire.

So Obama decided to go it alone and started using the power of the executive to drastically alter many things that Congress used to handle, such as declaring Co2 as bad and inventing massive penalties out of thin air. Demanded the States comply with his massive new plan to outlaw Co2 and specifically to kill coal Country.

Well that is all well and good, but what one President can create out of thin air, another can take apart. This is the problem with giving too much unrestrained power to the executive. Now we have to live with this constant fear of a new President walking in a drastically altering basic environmental laws.

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