No, Louis, you know well enough what I mean, so don’t try to pull a Kellyanne backflip when even…
Lynn Dion

No, Louis, you know well enough what I mean,

I know what you are saying but it is simply not true.

Trump is the lying bully. The press has not lost all credibility — but Trump the lying bully wants to convince people that they have,

Do you think Trump is the first person to point out the problems with lies and unfair political bias in the media? You really need to pay better attention if you really believe that garbage. The media is at an all time low in popularity, and not just by Conservatives, most actual Liberals believe the same Media did not give Bernie Sanders fair treatment either, they selected Hillary Clinton as their nominee and did everything they could to prop up Hillary and discount Bernie.

This is not about Trump outside of the fact he is the current big target and Trump is fighting back.

which scrutiny is a justifiable and time-honored part of the free and fair democratic system across the political spectrum.

In theory. I 100% agree. Just like police have a long and honorable role in making society possible, no police, no laws, no society. But some police are bad. Do we let those bad police do anything they want because police in general have that long and time-honored part of society?

Of course not, if they do wrong we have to hold them accountable.

The modern media is not being “fair”. All of the mainstream media is now officially part of the Democratic party, and as long as they are working as an arm of the Democratic party then it is both reasonable and even needed for someone to call them out on it.

Look how they fed Hillary debate questions and pushed the lie that Trump said all Mexicans were rapists and we see every day how the media is pushing nasty stories to attack Trump that turn out to be untrue. The New York Times, CNN, and all three of the main Networks were reporting that the intelligence community was refusing to give Trump true intelligence reports. This was of course crazy but they ran with those stories anyway. Even when Intelligence officials cam out and gave official statements that this was simply not true, they all kept pushing the idea for a few more days.

This is the new mainstream media, and as long as they are operating as an arm of the Democratic National Committee we need people like Trump to call them out on it.

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