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Now, I agree with you. Russia did not influence the elections. HILLARY CLINTON WON THE ELECTION. She won the popular vote.

I love it when the radical left expose their ignorance in such ways, it helps us to know who you are, lol.

Are you trying to claim Hillary Clinton had no clue how the contest was won? she put all her energy and efforts into winning the popular vote instead of the election? Do you really believe that? Sorry bud but you are wrong.

If anyone knew the rules of the contest it was Hillary Clinton, she knew the rules and flat out lost.

Hillary Clinton “won” the popular vote because nobody was in a contest for the popular vote, it is easy to win a thing nobody wants. It is like claiming football games should be decided by who had the most fans in the seats instead of the points on the board. Sorry but that is not how it works, and Hillary knew that too.

Hillary clinton had the best campaign experts in the entire world, she had an army of thousands of professional campaign operatives while Trump had about 100 people, only a few with any real election experience, Hillary spent twice as much money as Trump and still Trump beat her and beat her soundly.

Your little “BUT BUT BUT WE WON THE POPULAR VOTE” crying is music to my ears and I hope you keep on crying about it because as long as you are distracted by irrelevant things like that you are not doing what you need to do to turn your losses around. And the first step to turning it around is accepting your loss and why it happened. And no, it was not Russia, it was mostly due to your selection of the single most corrupt professional politician as your candidate.