Let see a war Hero, (anyone who volunteers to go to a war zone and is honorably discharged is a war…
Graham Skelly

Let see a war Hero, (anyone who volunteers to go to a war zone and is honorably discharged is a war Hero,) who has several best selling books, is smart, a graduate for Harvard and has all the connections of having a long term Senator as a father, and you don’t think that in America he will make it rich? It is amazing how you don’t believe in the American Dream!

I never said it was impossible, just that in his case he was not doing very well until he started pushing global warming hype then suddenly he was filthy rich, all that stuff about his dad did not do much for him. All I can speak to are the facts, and the facts do not lie.

And it is the free market, if you can find a way to sell a better light bulb, or ways that businesses that need to stay in business but care about the enviornment and want to pay their fair share of the costs of global warming, so their customers who care about global warming can support them by buying their products, providing a way to stop deforstation and having trees that suck CO2 out of the air, sounds like a a reasonable business plan.

I never said any of it was illegal, I said he suddenly became rich by peddling the global warming scare tactic. No different from those people selling “emergency food” for the end of the world you see on television commercials.

His house also serves as his headquarters for his businesses, where he has many employees working for him. You listen to all this trash about him, and you don’t investigate if it is true or not you just want to believe it because it fits your world view. And I know from our previous talks that you wont go to any other sources and read for your self so I am not sure why I am talking to you but you are so ill informed and so wrong it is painful. I feel sorry for you.

And all of that operation could be run in a regular office space at 1/20th the cost. Hit jet setting alone uses up more carbon than 20 families will ever use in their lifetime.

In other words, he does not walk-the-walk. He preaches but does not live the life he preaches.


And you have a nice day :)

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