Mateo D

I notice you dodged my question of you. Why is it I openly respond to you but you flat refuse to respond to me?

I pointed out that at least Trump tried to act on extremely concerning information that 7 Nations were not able to participate in the vetting process of anyone coming to America from their Countries and that those same countries had large radical elements of their population but Obama refused to do anything with that information. Yes Trump’s actions may not have been graceful or pretty, but he did try to act for good reasons while Obama turned a blind eye to that danger.

Does it not bother you that Obama decided it was more important politically to turn a blind eye?

And that’s the point… is there anything at all he could do that would “shock or outrage” his supporters

Why would you even ask that question? Why do people on the far left think all other people are without morals?

Of course Trump could outrage his supporters, we are after all Americans and human beings just like you. We are not monsters or evil as you try to claim.

But what will not outrage any of them is taking the media to task for their clearly unfair coverage or him doing things that are less than pretty. If Trump does anything of note then we will be just as critical on Trump as anyone else.

You have to understand, Trump is exactly the man we voted for, we do not expect him to suddenly transform magically into a museum piece professional politician.

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