Your willful ignorance stands out.
lindsay smith

I pointed out that everyone makes stupid mistakes, Trump is just a human being, just like Obama, human beings make mistakes. You are being hyper critical of Trump because you hate Trump, I am only pointing to that fact.

And Obama was famous for his speaking skills only when he was reading from a teleprompter, he was just as famous for his many mistakes made while speaking without his teleprompter.

And let’s remember Obama was a trained, profession, career politician, they concentrate on public speaking skills and diplomacy, that is their main skill in life. Trump is not a professional politician. The fact he makes a few mistakes should be considered normal under that standard.

Obama certainly looked good, nobody can refute that, but his substance was horrible, remember, Obama was handed a very peaceful Middle East and we see now what Obama did to it. I know to you on the radical left, appearances are worth more than results, but let’s see hoe Trump does, I judge people based on results.

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