But Louis, you’re working on totally made up assumptions rather than FACTS.
Sko Hayes

I provided you a link showing a huge list of grants, total them all up, over 30 million is on the first line alone broken down to three grants, I randomly selected a few others and saw over 200 million dollars in Grants and assume the rest are similar there is at least half a billion dollars in current funding displayed there.

So this is just America. How much have we shoved into pockets over the last 30+ years if we are finding this much now?

Then let’s consider places like Europe and Australia and Japan who have been world leaders in climate change research and all the lesser nations who have also contributed? You really believe if we add all that up we can’t possibly get to hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe even more than a Trillion over more than 30 years of spending?

If you have a reliable source for information for all grants ever approved then I am right here Sko. Provide a link to a complete list of all spending and I will gladly check it out but lacking a good source I do believe it is reasonable to estimate at this point based on the tiny segment we can see right now.

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