First off, I’m not a Hillary fan.
Melissa Myer

I remember the women’s march where a group of women who were listed as organizers was removed because the other organizers realized that first group of women were not pro-abortion.

Women on the left are forced to conform to an extremely narrow strip of beliefs or they are ostracized and attacked and belittled. On top of that we see how you also conform to the idea that if women do not vote the way you think they should, that some man forced them to vote the way they did:

I’m sure most women voted for him on the basis of similar beliefs as their husband over feeling pressured.

Why? Why do you believe women are so weak? Why is it you can’t even conceive of a world where women voted for Trump or against Hillary because that is what “THEY” believed was a good idea?

This “hive mind” those of you on the left seem to demand of women is truly sad in my opinion. Don;t women have enough on their backs without people like you painting them as brainwashed weaklings all bowing down to their husbands?

I couldn’t vote for Trump because of his lying, hypocrisy, and bigotry.

Well an early poll before Comey and his investigation or Trump entered the race had most likely voters using a single word to describe Hillary Clinton, words like Liar, dishonest etc were most common.

Hillary attacked the Bush Administration for their own private server email mess two years before she become SoS and decided to operate her own private email server so you do not get more hypocritical than that.

And Hillary called young Blacks “super predators” so there is Bigotry.

All examples having nothing to do with Trump or anyone else, I can point to hundreds more, but you know I am telling the truth, the woman is a crook, everyone knows it. Consider how for years the Democrats have been crying about big money in politics but Hillary Clinton has taken more money from corporations, bankers, and wall street than anyone else in American history.

And more importantly, once she lost her Presidential bid, the money from donors have all but stopped. No more influence to buy so no more reason to dump millions into the Clinton foundation.

I think it is reasonable to not vote for Hillary Clinton based only on the fact she has been walling in big donor money for her entire career alone Melissa.

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