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I see it as a dangerous thing to allow the NCAA to play politics with their games. Today it is transgender issues, tomorrow what is next? Nobody elected the NCAA to represent the people of the State but if the NCAA can successfully bully a State to write specific legislation to get games then we have allowed them to supplant the voters.

I warn my Liberal friends against this kind of thing.

I tried to warn you against celebrating and supporting Obama’s overreach with executive orders and rewriting policies to go around Congress and you ignored me, today someone you do not agree with now has that same power and can easily reverse and severely shift things back in the other direction doing things you do not like.

If we allow the NCAA to force States to write specific legislation to get a chance at playoff games, then what about other groups or companies who want to threaten to move jobs and events away from States who do not pass what they want?

Who runs our government?

The people we elect or the corporations and large groups?