Ha ha! Good one.
Shawn Schmid

I see you dodged me calling you out on your lie, lol. Typical.

Yes I do give you and other uninformed people a hard time, but only on substance and lies, never on childish things like grammar. I actually agree with what you just said about language, as long as you are getting your points made in a clear way I could not possibly care less about spelling and word usage.

My only complaint about word usage is when Liberals go to extremes like calling Trump Hitler. Not only is the comparison grossly unfair and inaccurate, it does not leave you anywhere else to go. You have used the most powerful attack possible so what else can you say? You have stunned the audience with the biggest possible bang and now anything else you say is ignored and waved off as insignificant.

On top of that you have at the same time diminished the true horrors of what Hitler did and stood for. Now young children who have no idea ab out what Hitler was will assume he was just a popular but controversial political figure like Trump, the disservice Liberals are doing to the real existence of evil in the world is horrible.

Oh yes I did vote for Trump, I was actually considering Bernie, not because I liked his ideas, but because I know that not even a Democratic controlled Congress would pass any of them but Bernie was willing to be a true outsider and openly go after the Elitists, corporations, bankers, and wall street that controlled Washington.

Hillary on the other hand is the one professional politician who has taken the most money from corporations, bankers and wall street. how could any “true” Liberal vote for the most corrupt politician in our lifetime? I thought you guys wanted to get special interests out of politics, but you vote for the one politician who has spent her entire life begging for special interest money?

Trump was not my first choice, not even my 5th choice, but at the end Trump was the only outsider running so he won by default. As a bonus he will start enforcing the rule of law in America again, something even you admit Germany’s Merkel said was important in a President, and he will be the only President in the past 30+ years to know where money and taxes actually come from, that “may” work to our advantage, I certainly hope so.

If nothing else Trump will appoints good Justices and preserve things like the 2nd amendment, that alone makes him a better choice over Hillary Clinton in my view.

Here is a great lesson and example for Americans, we have seen several elections recently where big money lost elections. Hillary outspent Trump massively, had over 900 professional paid staffers compared to Trump’s 135, she had a huge get out the vote movement, Trump had almost nothing. Hillary had thousands of top stars, Trump only had a couple. Hillary had the support of a popular current President, a popular former President, and arguably the most popular first lady post Barbara Bush. Trump had no former Presidents.

Even though everything was stacked against Trump, Trump still won. There are some very big lessons to be learned, most notably how a clear and simple message works with voters better than massive promises of “free stuff” that everyone knows is a lie.