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I think at this point any person who has had to deal with the pushy Liberal Reporters who shove phones and recording devices an inch from your face and start screaming at you demanding you give them all of your attention and obediently answer all their questions the way they demand you answer them can understand the desire to beat the mess out of them.

There is simply no reason for these Liberals reporters to behave this way, the microphones on those phones will catch every word from 20 feet away so why shove them into the face of someone if not to intimidate?

I do not know what happen ed, we have seen some conflicting reports and we all know you can have a room full of people see an event and all of them see something completely different.

What I will say is this, I wish reporters were more respectful and we did not need to ask our politicians to restrain their frustrations but if he really did hit the guy he was definitely wrong even though his personal space was violated. In this day and age politicians have to run away from reporters who are overly aggressive.

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