The fact that you don’t understand the difference between an election and a football game makes it…
Christine Zook

I used the football game example right here on ThinkProgress the day the far left started pushing the idea that Hillary won the popular vote, if you want to be educated on my originality and sincerity all you have to do is go look up my past comments to know I am a self thinker, I do not need anyone else to tell me what to think the way you blindly loyal Liberals do.

It is you who does not seem to understand reality, not me, I was offering an example of what the far left is demanding, that the rules of the contest be tossed out completely and to change the winner based on a condition never used before in the contest.

The football analogy is actually perfect, the contest rules were agreed to by both teams and they went to the field and put points on the board as best they could, Trump put up the most points and the other team filled with jealous rage and entitlement now demands the winner be changed based only on the idea you showed up with more people to watch the game compared to the other side.

Sorry my emotionally brittle lefty friend but that is not how the contest is decided and you can’t change the rules of the game art the end after you lost.

I ask you to stop and ask yourself how you would feel if the situation were reversed? If Hillary won the electorate but Trump won the popular vote would you be demanding Trump be made president? I think not, yes Trump would most likely have complained just like Hillary is complaining, but that does not mean anyone has to support the crying.

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