You made claims that were wrong, I countered you with the facts, and you are trying to deflect and…
Johnny 5

I was of course talking about the total history of the Circuit, not 1 year, but if it makes you feel better to say one other circuit beat out the 9th this year for a change then I am okay with that.

So yes, this year the 9th was beat as the most over turned, does that make you feel better? I knew Liberals like you were ruled by your emotions but sometimes you guys do still surprise me at how desperate it makes you.

But does that actually change my point about how the 9th is driven by political loyalties instead of following the law?

You were so desperate to try and attack me on a personal level and divert attention away from the real point of the court not following law because to those of you on the far left, you must defend this practice. This is your last tactic for power, to abuse the legal system and manipulate society with activist Judges. You do not care if the Judges are themselves abusing the system, all you care about is the results being favorable to you and these kinds of examples of you defending that behavior is what defines you to your core as a human being.

You never once commented on their rulings being driven by political loyalties, you wanted to make it about someone else possibly being worse, as if two wrongs make a right, you just need your excuses to justify your own bad behaviors.

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Snowflake (today)is about the left, your intolerance of fellow Americans who do not agree with your political views. Even Hillary Clinton had to come out and say half of Trump’s voters were deplorable and lacked any redeeming quality in society. This is how all Liberals believe. You riot, you destroy, you block people from speaking that you do not agree with.

All of you on the far left demonize those who refuse to toe-the-line of Liberal agendas. I have seen countless posts and stories both before and after the election saying all Trump voters are racists, Bigots, xenophobes, xenophobes, etc. You have to name call, you have to hate those who do not bow down to you.

Did you read the many stories of how suicide help lines lit up after the election? Did you read about Universities bringing in puppies and coloring books to help their distraught students cope with the loss?