I’d be really impressed if you could provide a link to just one mainstream media news article…
Tim Carpenter

I would be happy to, for example, CNN will play Trump’s entire statement sure, but then they have a headline that reads:

Donald Trump doubles down on calling Mexicans ‘rapists’

In that interview Donald Trump says clearly he is not just talking about illegals from Mexico, that we have unknown factors of illegals from all kinds of different places and still she kept returning to the idea he was calling Mexicans rapists.

The context of his comments were illegal aliens first of all, not all Mexicans, second of all, out of those illegal aliens, some were criminals like rapists and some were good people but the only part CNN is paying any attention to is just the rapists part and trying to distort it to mean Trump was labeling all Mexicans as rapists.

If you have ever watched any of the mainstream media covering these stories you would see this on all of them.

You want more “main stream”? Kaine, yes the Kaine who was Hillary Clinton’s choice for vice-president of the Unites states said this :

“The thing that amazes me is the depth of his trash talking with Latinos, saying all Mexicans are rapists and going after Latino immigrants,” ~ Tin Kaine

He made this claim on several mainstream news outlets and not 1 time did they challenge him on it.

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