So what are we going to do about it?
Ronnie Heaven

So what are we going to do about it? This is not bait and switch, this is putting your money where your mouth is. At the end of the day we can be grand keyboard warriors, pointing a finger and pontificating about what others should do, or we can get can get off our asses and lend a hand. I’m not claiming to be some tireless activist, but I do what I can to combat the more odious parts of the prison industrial complex, lack of healthy food in low income communities and the legalization of cannabis.

If the local residents do not care, why should I? Even if I wanted to help, nothing an outside does can ever change the mindsets of those communities.

You talk about a lot, hundreds of thousands of people have talked about it, nothing changes. Time for actions, stop talking.

Most of those black kids go to jail for a joint or two,

That is simply not true, nobody goes to jail for a joint. Now maybe they run their mouth or do other things like resist and that gets them sent to jail but it is not just a joint.

and in case you didn’t know, jail doesn’t offer redemption, it offers a crash course on how to be a career criminal. These 18 year olds thrown into a situation with murderers and rapists are forced to become ruthless just to survive. Then they take that behavior out with them when released, and the whole lovely cycle is endlessly perpetuated. This is what your mainstream news doesn’t tell you. I don’t deny the Democrats are spineless panderers, and I look forward to the complete destruction of that party and neoliberalism in general.

How is that any different than the streets in Black neighborhoods? Gangs are killing people in the streets, drug dealers and rapists and everything everywhere you look. But the biggest issue, the Black community protects and shields them, nobody wants to be a “snitch” so they see cops as bad and criminals as good.

Nothing will change until Blacks stop idolizing criminals.

Also, crime is down. Way down. Across the board, for all races, as well as blacks:

In general down, in black neighborhoods it is not going down.

So a record in Chicago, in light of violent crime reducing 1/4 since the 90’s, is not the horror it’s been touted as. Turn off your TV. It’s telling you who to value and discard. We have to stoke empathy to pull our communties out of this (yes, whether you like it or not, those people are your fellow citizens).

Facts are facts. Yes these are fellow Americans but they do not value life and their children as much as I do. If they did they would do everything in their power to clean up their neighborhoods. We can’t impose a sense of responsibility and love for their children, they either value it or they do not.

You seem to do exactly like every Democrat politician does, all talk, no action. If even you refuse to get into those neighborhoods and force change, why should anyone else?

Again, if you hate all cops fine, hate them, but then it is up to you to clean up your own neighborhoods even more. If you hate the only people trying to make things better, and you sit at home doing nothing, how will things ever get better?

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