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If there was no talk from the radical left expressing the desire to take away guns, then there would not reaction from the people trying to defend the right to gun ownership. It is all caused by the radical left.

Obama helped to sell record numbers of guns in America, every time he was pushing anti-gun legislation and making speeches about the need to stop some gun ownership the reaction in the public was to go buy guns before Obama and the Government could ban them.

California is about as unfriendly to the right to own a gun as any State, they just passed a new huge gun restriction against semi-automatic rifles and as expected, a massive rush to buy those weapons hit to buy as many as possible before the ban went into effect:

In the less than six months since the July 1 signing of the rifle ban, 257,895 semiautomatic rifles have been purchased, eclipsing the 153,931 rifle purchases reported to the state in all of 2015, the state agency said.

So in 6 months the State has added a quarter million new semi-automatic rifles to their State after passing a law banning semi-automatic rifles …… give that some thought.

Let’s look at another example in California, micro-stamping. California passed a new law that mandated a new technology be added to all new firearms in California, micro-stamping. This technology does not exist.

That’s right, California passed a new law mandating something that does not exist in order to back-door ban the sale of all firearms. The lawsuit against this trick to ban guns in the State of California is working it’s way through the courts, currently scheduled to go in front of the California Supreme court soon.

Even if the technology did exist, a criminal can remove the micro-stamp from the firing pin with a file and about 5 minutes of work, so the law stands no chance of actually addressing criminals, it is designed to hurt legal gun ownership in the State.

And yes just before the law went into effect in 2014 there was a huge rush in sales just like we just saw with California’s semi-automatic rifle ban.

So back to my main point, the only reason groups like the NRA are out there fighting for the right of gun ownership is because the far left is constantly trying to take those rights away.

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