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false. I see calling Trump a racist because of his mexican rapist comment as unfair. It was stupid, inarticulate and unpresidential. There are plenty of much more legitimate demonstrations of his racism.

If you see that as unfair, and all media used that severely edited comment to claim Trump was a racist, then why do you have such a hard time in admitting those same outlets are corrupt?

You do not make any sense at all, you can’t have it both ways, CNN can’t be fair and unfair. Honestly they have been fairly consistent in attacking Trump in any way possible.

This is also a dodge. Show where they disseminated false information.

Dude, this is just silly, did CNN report the rumors of Hillary operating a child sex slave operation out of a pizza establishment when it first came out? Of course not. When a large outlet like that starts spreading just the basic outlines of rumors even without the specific details it does harm, and they know it does harm that is why CNN has never spread a single rumor about Hillary, but they are more than happy to spread them about Trump.

You think it is okay because you hate Trump and all those who do not agree with you, but even the New York Times flat refused to touch the story because none of it could be verified. The New York Times is far left, they have admitted before they are very Liberal because their readers are very Liberal and even they knew even mentioning the basic idea that Russia had some kind of blackmail information was simply as far away from proper journalism as possible and yet CNN just could not help themselves.

Uhh, it’s called news.

Most real news outlets did not agree, the story has been out there for months and no real journalists would touch it, but CNN did, says a lot about how low CNN has gone.

Sorry Louis but you can’t keep doing this and expect to have any credibility.

You can’t keep pretending to not know the truth, CNN had been doing this kind of thing for over a year now, but you are clueless? Really? I will keep responding as a normal informed Americans and if you want to play stupid on certain known facts I will just stop responding to those points.

How do you know? It seems pretty reasonable that CNN would give the questions to people on a panel of commentators.

Just how stupid are you? You can’t be this stupid. Seriously. There is no possible way any Network hosting a debate would be giving a commentator the questions.

This right there, that specific point proves you are not willing to even try to be reasonable. Only Network insiders have access to the questions ahead of time, if you can’t admit that much we are done on that point.

This is equivalent to saying “The NSA leaked all that information because someone gave it to Snowden.

See above.

This is ridiculous fantasy. Where is the link to Kovaleski’s “hit piece” on Trump?

I already answered this, you are a child trying to argue into infinity on things I already proved you wrong over. Grow up.

I answer every question, you may not like the answer and you even selectively ignore certain answers that do not match your brainwashing, but I do answer.

Nonsense. You have no idea what I think. This is just a tactic you continually use to distract from your inability to defend your point.

You just dodged again. I pointed out that no matter how Hillary got those debate questions, she still took them, she used them, and never reported the severe incident so we see her true character right there and even that much you can’t agree to.

Fact after fact after fact, you flat refuse to admit to any of it out of blind loyalty to the Democrats.

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