Appears you would rather just argue your points.
Kimberly Andersen

Appears you would rather just argue your points.

I’m sorry, I thought we were speaking about our own views and understandings, who are you here for? Do you see yourself as representing the Democrat party instead of yourself?

Of course I am representing my points while you are offering your points, all I did was respond to yours and challenge you on them, and it seems you dodged most of them.

Information on Turkey can be found in a Newsweek report, the writer Kurt Eichenwald, has investigated and reported the story, 12/16.

Usually those who reference a specific report provide a link, I asked for it and still you refuse, I Googled the information and there is nothing so you need to provide a link if you are using it as reference to your beliefs and claims. I would be very shocked to find out that Trump is the Kink of Turkey, lol.

Regarding the Russian ties, some of the information began releasing today. Trump can call it “fake news” and “a witch hunt”, but the truth will continue to come out.

So no, you have no evidence to back your nasty claims and are just swallow and then vomit up any lie that reinforces your hate of Trump.

It is my hope, this country can come together after the most hate filled election and divisiveness created by Mr. Trump.

While you seem to be spreading lies and name calling? How do we come together when clearly there are people like you who simply can’t accept the fact you lost and are having constant temper tantrums and spewing filth about fellow American s and Trump just because you hate those who do not believe what you believe.

You called Trump a “ sociopath”, I asked you to respond to that horrible allegation and you dodged, clearly you do not want people to come together, you just want to wallow in hate.

This has absolutely nothing to do with political affiliations, and everything to do with the dangerousness of having Mr. Trump occupy the Oval Office.

The only people behaving poorly are people like you, the far left simply too intolerant of those who do not agree with them to move on and accept they lost.

All the name calling, the constant stream of nasty fantasies and evil intent in fellow Americans and Trump, all the outlandish gloom and doom.


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